The Cellulite Myth Daily Companion Guide

The FasciaBlaster™ is taking the nation by storm as people everywhere are being empowered to take control of their bodies by addressing their fascia. Now you can track your progress and have a plan to reach your goals more effectively with this easy to follow step-by-step companion.

Join the community of 300,000 + people who are finding new freedom in their health and beauty.

Whether you are new to fascia blasting or a seasoned and experienced “Blaster Sister,” The Cellulite Myth Daily Companion Guide will help you stay on track with daily inspiration, checklists, and self-evaluations. Keep track of the changes in your body and see your overall well-being drastically improve!

This 12-week companion guide keeps you focused and on track to reach your goal. It’s long been requested by fasciablasters who want to take control of their health—and now it’s here!
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