The Cellulite Myth: It's Not Fat, It's Fascia

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The last book you’ll ever need about cellulite, and the first book you need to take control and change your health forever!

Forget everything you’ve ever been told about cellulite—it’s a myth!  Joanna Hunt helps unlock secrets to obliterating cellulite and changing your personal health paradigm.  For years we’ve been conditioned to believe that cellulite is a fat problem, yet skinny girls have it, active girls have it, sedentary girls have it, curvy girls have it, older women have it and, guess what, so do younger women. In fact, 90% of women struggle with it . . . you are not alone!

The appearance of fat is affected by the sticky webbing of tissue it’s housed in called fascia—which can be manipulated. Get ready for the most radical shift in Health and Beauty of the century! Obliterate cellulite, transform your body, and revolutionize your life!
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